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What Is Black?
By Zion Dyson, age 10

Black is the starless night sky
When you’re sad it’s a depressing sigh.
Black is like a hollow tree
Swallowing brightness from me
As gloomy as a cold winter night.
But black is an elegant, velvety sight.
Bitter, fresh, sugarless coffee,
Simi-sweet, cold dark chocolaty.
Sound like an organ, a crow’s caw.
A creak in the night, a mockingbird’s song.
Black feels lonely, also sad,
Black is gloomy, dark and mad.
It can be soft, black cat’s fur.
It can calm, it can mother.
The times when you close your eyes,
An unexpected, strange surprise.
Black looks like the hands on a clock
Going tick tock, tick tock, tick and tock.
Black is like a warm winter coat.
Back is a mysterious note.
Black is colossal, like the concept infinity,
A magnificent color for you and for me.