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Easter 2009 -- I celebrated Easter at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Then the next day I went to my Grandma's and Grandpa's house in Ramona to celebrate my Grandpa Charlie's 60th birthday.
Zion and Mama Zion at Easter Zion at Easter
Zion and Nini Zion at Easter Zion at Easter
Mama and the Easter Bunny Zion at Easter
Charlie on his birthday Charile and Thyme Thyme and Adria
Heather and Michael Mama and Zion Nini, Dot and Carol
Ziom Aion and Lucy Gigi
My 8th Birthday. On May 2nd I had my birthday party at Toby Well YMCA Gymnastics Center. I had another party on my real birthday--Cinco de Mayo--at Chevy's restaurant. Watch the video of my patry.
Zion and Mama making cake Monster cake Zion at Toby Wells
Saylor, Elesee and Cat Foam pit Zion in foam pit
Zioin and Elesee Zion and Cat Zion and birthday cake
Chevys Zion at Chevys Zion's Birthday Cake
Family at Chevys Birthday Dinner Zion Zion opening present
May 10 -- We went to Aunt Carol's for Mothers Day.
Zion, Dada and Mama Grandma and Zion

Nini, Zion and Mama
Gigi and Zion

Zion and Mama
May 16 -- I had a great time hanging out with my Grandma and Grandpa at Legoland and San Diego Bay
Zion and Grandma at Legoland Zion Zon
Zion and Grandpa Charlie Zion and Grandma Zion
Zion and Statue Zion and Statue Zion and Grandma