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In March I went to Legoland with Nini. I rode the Dragon 3 times.

I like being in the dragon's mouth.

I'm the Thinker.
On Easter we went to Del Dios County Park. It was cold.
I'm with Gigi, Paige andLaura's dog Mickey.

I'm with my Mama, Papa and Grandma Juanita.

I'm posing in my new Easter dress.

I went to Zach's annual Easter Egg Hunt. I found the eggs he hid in the canyon. Here I am with Zach and Squirt.

My Dada is trying to teach me how to ride a bike at Trolley Barn Park. I'm not really good at bike riding. I think I have a mental block..


I'm standing in front of a painting I did. The painting is on display at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. I'm holding Brownie and Corduroy.

I took Corduroy to Junior Theatre to see Peter Pan. I met the actor after the show.

I took Corduroy out to dinner at the Country Kabob Restaurant..

See the video of my birthday party.

I'm posing with my new birthday dress and the crown I got at school. The crown has my name and a big 6 on it.

I went to Legoland with Elysee and Catarina on my birthday.

Here's the yummy cake my Grandma made for me. We're celebrating at Chevy's.

At Legoland I had my face painted like a dog.

Me and my birthday cake.

Elysee, me and Catarina, all painted up.

This is my cockatiel, Sweetie, posing in front of the portrait I did of him.

I'm playing in the sprinkler in front of my house. Aren't my goggles cool?

This is my official Warren Walker kindergarten school picture. i'm wearing my school uniform.
My kindergarten class put on a play--Miss Nelson Is Missing.

There was lots of singing in the play.

We are in the "pretend" classroom in the play.

We had a Hawaiian Luau to celebrate the end of the school year.

I was sad to say Good-bye to Miss Mills.

I'll get to see my friend Elysee during the summer.