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I danced at Miss Laura's Open House on December 17th. I like dancing and especially like doing my own choreography.

This is my friend, Lilly.

It was my MaMa's birthday and my family was there -- MaMa, DaDa, Grandma, PaPa and NiNi. PaPa took videos and my NiNi took pictures of me performing..

My Grandma, MaMa, NiNi and I had lunch in Old Town at Guadalajara to celebrate my MaMa's and Grandma's birthday.

12/3/5 – Miss Laura’s Open House

On Christmas morning I had so many presents that I got tired of opening them. I got a keyboard, stuffed animals, Dorothy dolls, Yoda and lots of other stuff.

My DaDa and MaMa were tired, but my DaDa helped me open a Lord of the Rings game.

My PaPa played with Yoda. Yoda is wise and can tell the future if you ask him a question.

After Christmas dinner my MaMa had fun making music. My MaMa and DaDa are musicians and I am, too.

We had Christmas dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's in Ramona. After dinner we always go for a walk in the country. I like to ride in my stroller.

Here's our family out for a Christmas afternoon walk. Grandma is pushing me. Next to her is Grandpa Charlie's mom. This was our last Christmas with her.
My NiNi signed up for a special program. We would go on adventures with other kids and their parents. Here we are at La Jolla Shores.

I found a stick and drew lines in the sand. Then we walked to the tide pools. I wasn't afraid of the sea urchins or anemones.

Here we're at Mission Trails Park. I picked up bugs and caterpillars and then pretended my NiNi and I were fairies and friends with the owl in the woods.