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Christmas Morning 2009 -- I woke up and opened presents at my house with my parents and Nini and Papa.
Zi Christmas Morning
Zi and her new car
Zi and present
Zion and Papa
Zi and Mama
Christmas Day 2009--We went to my grandma's house in Ramona for Christmas dinner.
Dada and Aunt Carol


Look at all this food


January 18, 2010. Papa and I made a video--It's a Slime Flu World--with my barbies
Making a movie

Making a movie
Zi and Papa making It's a Slime Flu World
January 27, 2010 --Warren Walker Glee Club--I sang a solo "Great Green Glob of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts."
Zi and Glee Club Zi and Glee Club Zi and Caterina
My Friend Cat and I are taking voice lessons from Mr. Richard.
Zi and Mr. Richard Voice Lessons
Voice Lessons