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March 16, 2004 - NiNi and PaPa graduated from computer school. I drew on the chalkboard and passed out raisins to everybody.

March 27, 2004 - I'm with Grandma and Grandpa Charlie at my PaPa's 60th birthday party. I helped my PaPa open all his cards. I had fun.

March 30, 2004 - I spent the morning with my NiNi at Ocean Beach. We walked on the pier and made pretend muffins out of sand.

Here I am trying to walk in NiNi's shoes. I kept falling down. It was fun.

NiNi took lots of pictures of me. I grabbed her camera and got it all sandy. NiNi wasn't mad for very long.

April 10, 2004 - I'm at my preschool Easter egg hunt. We always get a lot of candy.

April 11, 2004 - Easter Sunday. MaMa, DaDa and I had brunch at NiNi's and PaPa's. I'm checking out the cake NiNi made.

Here I am sitting in the Easter Bunny's chair. NiNi was late to the egg hunt and missed taking a picture of me with the Easter Bunny.

We ate on the deck. We had shrimp crepes. I'm eating a strawberry. It was a beautiful day.

Here's my Easter Bunny cake.

May 1, 2004 - I had my 3rd birthday party in Alpine in Flinn Springs Park. We had balloons, carne asada, bags for the kids to decorate and a piñata.

We had a May Day Pole. Party guests were PaPa, Richard, Christine, James, Juanita, Charlie, Thyme, GG, Aunt Carol, Andy (and Dad), Michael, Jake, Nate and NiNi.

When DaDa wouldn't light the other cake decoratiopn on fire, I said, "I will NOT eat this cake." I got up and ran to the other side of the park.

May 5, 2004 - My NiNi took my MaMa and me to Old Town for Mexican food to celebrate my real birthday and Cinco de Mayo.

We had so much fun. NiNi even ordered a marguerita.

My PaPa always takes videos of my parties.

Click here to see the video of my birthday parties. (Broadband only)

May 5, 2004 - NiNi, PaPa, MaMa, DaDa and I went to Chuck E. Cheese. We rode the rides and played the games. My DaDa got the top score on a computer game!

My MaMa made me some cup- cakes to eat after our pizza and ice cream bar. I can't believe I'm really three and this is my last birthday celebration for a year!

Here's my NiNi hugging Chuck E. Cheese.


May 31, 2004 - Memorial Day Parade. I was supposed to march with my preschool, but I found out you get more candy if you watch the parade from your stroller.

All the other kids wore red, white and blue to the parade with these hats we made in preschool. I decided I'd rather wear my fairy wings and pink leotard.

Here's my family at the block party after the parade. We always have a neighborhood cookout and a jumpy for the kids after the parade. It's so fun.