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Dec. 7 - My family went to WalMart to get a professional picture taken of me for Christmas.

Christmas 2003 - My NiNi and PaPa gave me this cool dollhouse that I play with all the time.
We had Christmas dinner at NiNi and PaPa's. On Christmas Eve we went to mass at MaMa's church. I liked hearing my MaMa's choir.

Here's my NiNi, PaPa and MaMa (when she was a little girl) in a picture taken at Villa Montezuma for their Christmas card in 1972.

Dec. 7 - Here's my family's professional protrait. Aren't we silly?

The people who came for dinner were Grandpa Charlie, Grandma, Aunt Dot (Charlie's aunt), MaMa, DaDa, Andy, Deb, Liz, Thyme and Adria. (Cloe and I sat in the kitchen.)
Here's my DaDa, MaMa and me in a picture taken at Knott's Berry Farm for our Christmas card in 2003.

I got a lot of presents. Here I am with a drum from Joe and Kay. I'm wearing the pink angel wings that Patti Z. gave me. I'm also wearing my bunny slippers.

This is my big-girl bed. My NiNi's friend, Billie McKig, gave it to me.

Dec. 27, 2003--GG celebrated her 80th birthday at the Sizzler in Ramona. Some of the guests were Grandpa Charlie, Rick, Aunt Carol, Grandma, Laura, GG and Chris.

I love my cousins and my Grandma.

My DaDa and MaMa were tired, but my DaDa helped me open a Lord of the Rings game.

Nate, Jake and I are watching Grandma light the candles.

Feb. 7, 2004 - My NiNi took me to the zoo. We discussed the giraffes' bad knees -- They sure looked ugly.

This orangutan wanted to be my friend. She came right up to the glass to check me out. She tried to give me a stick through the glass.

My orangutan friend was sad to see me go. (I visited her two times that day and both times she came up to the glass to say "Hi" to me.)

Feb. 21, 2004 - Beck's 3rd Birthday Party - The party had a construction theme because Beck loves trucks. Here's MaMa and me.

That's me sliding out of the jumpy.

Feb. Zach is helping Beck blow out his candles. Zach likes all us little kids in the neighborhood.