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On April 15th, I went to my Kensington Preschool Easter Egg Hunt at Beth and Tony’s house. The unicorn came with me.

Lots of kids came to get the eggs. The parents came to get the free Starbuck’s coffee.

I really didn’t like that bunny at all. I could tell he was just a person in a bunny suit.

My NiNi and I made silly Easter Eggs.

Zach had an Easter Egg hunt for some kids in the neighborhood (Max, Alex, me and Nick). The big people drank wine while we hunted for eggs in the canyon.

I was the first one down the canyon. I saw a lot of eggs. I didn’t take them all. I left some for the other kids. My NiNi was so proud of me.

April 16th -- Easter
I went to a family picnic at Del Dios park. I love to be with my Ramona family. I also got to see my cousins and Aunt Heather and Uncle Michael. Aunt Heather gave me a gray mama and baby lamb. Some other friends were there. I liked playing with Paige. She’s nice.

We ate lots of food. I love drumsticks. It got a little windy and cool. GG was cold, but we all had a good time.

Grandma Juanita had an Easter Egg hunt for us and then we played on the playground. A little boy took my new lamb and ran away. My NiNi finally stopped him and saved the lamb.


I had a Wizard of Oz birthday party and 20 friends came. It was fun.

See my birthday party. (Broadband only)

My DaDa was a Scarecrow. My MaMa was a good witch and my NiNi was from the Emerald City.


May 29th – Kensington Memorial Day - I didn’t want to march with my pre-school or be in Bev’s Little Rascals gang. I like to hang out with my family and eat the candy they hand out to you.

After the parade, we had a block party with food, relay races and a big jumpy.

The jumpy in front of Zack ’s house.

My pal Max and I relaxing in the jumpy.
A yummy Lollipop

The hat I made for the parade.

April 8th, I went to Alicia’s shower. They made me a bride’s dress out of toilet paper. I won the contest.

I‘m playing with a horse that was my MaMa’s. It’s dangerous.

April 23th, I read my first book, “Fat Cat.”
See me read. (Broadband only)