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On December 3rd, NiNi and PaPa drove me to Disneyland. When we got to the hotel I decided I wanted to swim at the hotel pool and not go to Disneyland after all.

I got Rudo at Build a Bear. We had to take him back and get a new voice. He was driving NiNi and PaPa crazy in the hotel. (MaMa and DaDa were in in Julian.)

Me and Rudo. I changed his name to Bingo and tried to give him away.

PaPa and me in a pretend car at the Disneyland Hotel

12/3/5 – Miss Laura’s Open House

I’m the reindeer in the red.
See the Nutcracker. (Broadband only)

My friend Lilly and I got to dance together.

I got to be the Nutcracker because all the girls wanted to be fairies.

On Dec. 22nd, my MaMa and DaDa bought tickets for NiNi and PaPa to take me to Lion King. I didn’t want to go, but ended up liking it. I wore my purple Hawaiian dress and bunny slippers.

On Christmas Eve, my family ate lunch at Black Angus (with coupons).

Here’s my family on our front porch on Christmas Day.

This is an elf dress my MaMa bought me. I wear it everywhere. I wore it when I spent New Year’s Eve with NiNi. We ate popcorn and watched 3 movies. I stayed awake until 11:30, but not NiNi.

NiNi made a weird Christmas tree this year. I didn’t want to decorate it.

NiNi brough silly hats for us to wear.

I slept in the living room to wait for Santa. I fell asleep and he put presents all around my pillow. My favorite present was a purple stuffed animal that I can draw on again and again.

On Feb. 19th, my family went to Idyllwild. We stayed at the Quiet Creek Inn. I fed the raccoons peanuts on our porch. I woke up and saw snow everywhere. We made a snowman. It was so fun. My NiNi wasn’t along so nobody took pictures of my snowman.

DaDa was an Elf. MaMa was a Reindeer and I was a Holly Fairy.

We ate Christmas dinner at Grandma’s in Ramona. It was hot and we got to eat outdoors. GG’s oxygen tank went out and she fell asleep.

On Wednesday night, Feb. 15th, I had my first sleepover. My pal Bryn is two days older than me and is also an only child. We are best friends. She came over to my house and stayed all night. We jumped on beds, fought, giggled and screamed most of the evening. Finally we went over to NiNi’s to give my MaMa a break.