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June . . July . . August   

On June 6th, I had my dance recital. Miss Laura is my teacher. I danced to “Let’s Go Fly a Kite.” (I also got to dance at the Del Mar Fair.)

My DaDa stayed with the other stage moms in the green room backstage.

My MaMa sat in the audience with my NiNi, PaPa, Grandma Juanita and Grandpa Charlie.

My MaMa was so proud of me that she cried when she watched me dance. She said that I stayed on the beat and knew all the moves.
See my dance recital. (Broadband only)

Me and my proud MaMa.

Me and Papa.

I took my pink unicorn for a ride
to NiNi and PaPa’s house.
On August 17th, DaDa pulled my first tooth. The Tooth FairyI left $10 under my pillow. She must be rich!
I did a lot of fun things this summer.

I went to Big Sur and Berkeley with my family. DaDa had to play a gig.

I went to Zoo Camp and the Natural History Museum.

I went camping with my Grandma and Grandpa at Santee Lakes. Grandma and I went swimming. I held my breath for 20 seconds.

My DaDa taught me to do magic tricks.

I made up two new languages. I also made up new recipes. I call it Ziomese cooking.

I played with my NiNi. We built tents and forts and had tea parties with my animals. We pretend that I’m the Mommy and NiNi is the Daddy and Bingo is our son. People laugh at us because our son looks like a dog. I like to play Snow White. NiNi is tired of being Happy. She wants to be Grumpy.

I made PaPa a t-shirt for
Father’s Day.

Here I am with Brownie and Bingo. We’re spending the night at NiNi and PaPa’s. We watch movies and eat popcorn with orange juice.

This is a picture NiNi took of me at the zoo.
On June 26th, I did my first photo shoot. NiNi took me to the zoo and let me use her camera. We had fun!


I took this picture of my MaMa and NiNi. We ate lunch at A La Francaise cafe. I like Chevy’s better.
Here I am with my family at Alicia and Greg’s wedding on June 17th.
My DaDa likes to lift me up with one arm. He is strong!