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We celebrated 4th of July in Old Town with MaMa, DaDa, NiNi, PaPa, Terry, Bev and Zoa.

I had a great time at the celebration. We visited old houses, and had a watermelon seed-spitting contest. My PaPa fell asleep in his chair.

I was so happy. I took a wagon ride with my MaMa and DaDa around the square. We were in a big parade. A lot of people dressed up like in the olden days.

I sold my artwork at the Kids' Art Walk and Sale on August 6th.
Pictures were 25 cents each.

This is one of masterpieces--PaPa with a Bird on His Head.


A lot of people bought paintings.
Aug. 24 - Sept. 1 - Spent a week in Hawaii with my family.

MaMa and I went on a buggy ride at the Grove Farm Homestead.
My NiNi, PaPa, MaMa and I went to the Buddhist temple and got to meet the monk who wrote "Mystic Mouse." I was afraid of him. (I don't like Santa either.)
Here I am reading my new book.

I'm with my MaMa overlooking the ocean. We stayed in Bev and Terry's condo in Kauai. While we were in Hawaii we saw some Hawaiian dancing and went to Meg and Bob's house. But my favorite thing to do was watch "George of the Jungle" with my NiNi.