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June 2008 -- I camped for a week with my family in Sequoia National Park. We saw the giant Sequoia trees and climbed up Little Mt. Baldy and Morro Rock. I helped make the food. It was so fun!
June 23, 2008 -- My Mondays with NiNi, we rode the bus to the Children's Museum. I climbed the wall, built a city, went into a tent, and jumped on mattresses and "Firestone" pillows. It was so fun!
June 25 -- I camped with grandma and grandpa at Santee Lakes
June 28 -- Thyme and Adria's wedding
June 30, 2008 -- Monday's with NiNi -- Day at the Zoo -- We visited the insect house, saw the red panda and the polar bears. I had a big hamburger and we rode the sky ride shouting at the people below.
4th of July -- We had lunch at the Old Town Mexican Restaurant, then toured the Estudillo House and the Seely Stables. We talked to the village blacksmith for over an hour.
July 7 -- Mondays with NiNi -- Cabrillo National Monument. I became a Junior Ranger.
August 17 -- Girls only weekend--stayed at Omni Hotel on the 19th floor.
I'm spending the night at NiNi and Papa's in their "old house." I build tents and forts to hide in. I watch movies, eat popcorn and stay up late and always bring a special animal. (Webkinz are fun.)